On-Site Park Model Rentals

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Leisure Point Resort has a limited number of on-site park models that occasionally become available for short-term rental. All of these units have air conditioning, coffee makers, and come well equipped with utensils, plates, cups and glasses for 6 persons. Limited cookware is furnished. Remember to bring your own linen and bedding, including pillows and towels. Units also equipped with an outside grill and a screened porch with a picnic table. Please note: Reservations for Park Models may be made anytime after our April 15th opening.

2019 Park Model Rental Rates

All rates effective January 1, 2019 and are subject to change without notice.
All rates are for a maximum of 6 people per rental unit.
Includes house type stove/oven, refrigerator, bath with a shower.

Nightly Rates Summer
5/23/19 - 9/3/19
9/4/19 -9/29/19
Park Models 1 & 2 $215.00 $190.00
Park Model 3 – Water View $225.00 $210.00
Park Model 4 – Water Front $245.00 $220.00

Check-in 4:00 PM / Check-out 12:00 PM

Request your park model reservation now!

Here are just a few of our Amenities

• Tree-shaded Campsites • 319 slip Marina • Fishing • Crabbing • Clamming •
• Swimming pool • Clubhouse with planned activities • Fitness Center •
• Volleyball • Horseshoes • Basketball •
• W, 50-amp E, S & Cable TV hookups • Internet access • Seasonal sites •
• Keycard access bath house • On-site laundry • Bandstand • Pavilion •
• Full-service marina store • Paved roadways •
• Church services (Memorial Day - Labor Day) •

Park Model Camping Guidelines

  • • Office hours are Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM, Saturday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM.
  • • For your protection, car passes must be kept hanging from your rear view mirror and visible while you are staying in the resort.
  • • Please observe our 14 MPH speed limit.
  • • Discharge of any firearm, including BB guns is strictly prohibited.
  • • Your visitors are welcome at no additional charge; however, you must be present at the time of their visit and they will need to obtain a visitor car pass and display it on their rearview mirror.
  • • Campfires must be extinguished before leaving your site or retiring for the evening.
  • Pets are not allowed in park model rentals.
  • • Trash must be bagged in heavy plastic bags, then placed in outside receptacles provided.
  • • Please observe our 11:00 PM curfew and quiet time.
  • • Pool opens Memorial Day weekend and closes on Labor Day at 6:00PM. Entry fee is $2.00 per person per day.
  • • Laundry hours are 6:00 AM - 10:00 PM.
  • • We do not allow golf carts or ATVs.

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2019 Pool Entrance Fee

Daily Rate $2.00
Weekly Pool Pass $10.00

2019 Boat Slip Rentals

In addition to boat slips which are available by the season, week or day, we offer the use of an excellent boat launching ramp to our campers ... at no extra charge.

Daily Rate $25.00

Park Model Rentals Reservation

You are encouraged to use the following online form in order to request a Park Model Rental reservation at Leisure Point Resort. Please complete this entire form prior to pressing the “Submit” button. Items marked with an asterisk (*) indicate required fields. Please understand that this is strictly a Reservation Request Form. You do not have an actual reservation until it has been confirmed, and a reservation cannot be confirmed until your deposit has been processed and authorized.

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Leisure Point Resort Park Model Rental Reservation Request
Important: It appears that you are accessing this form from an unofficial third-party source. Submissions originating from such sources will not be accepted. Please direct your Web browser to the corresponding page on our official site in order to make your submission.
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Cancellation Policy:
Reservations cancelled more than 30 days prior to the arrival date will forfeit one night's stay. Cancellations received 30 or fewer days prior to arrival date, as well as no shows, will forfeit entire deposit. In addition, there is no refund for early departure.
Remember, you do not have a reservation at this time. Once availability is confirmed, we will contact you for the required deposit. By submitting this request, you agree to the cancellation policy stated above, as well as the full rules and regulations which are outlined above on this page.
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Leisure Point Resort25491 Dogwood Lane
Long Neck, Delaware 19966
Phone: (302) 945-2000 / Fax: (302) 945-4011

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GPS Coordinates: 38.63111, -75.16167