Manufactured Housing & RV Sales

Leisure Point Resort offers both new and pre-owned manufactured homes to discriminating buyers.Leisure Point Resort offers a variety of options to the discriminating buyer. We offer new and pre-owned manufactured homes as well as lots for the new manufactured home of your choice in our year round manufactured home community. We also offer a selection of pre-owned campers in our seasonal camping section. All enjoy full access to the many recreational amenities that the resort has to offer. If you see something you like, just click where indicated to schedule an appointment to see the resort and the selection of available campers and manufactured homes.

Skyline Park Model
Skyline Park Model
2018 Shore Park Model by Skyline
Model 1972 CTP

If your looking for a summer home to “get away from it all” then you will love this 2018 Park Model with a loft. Stainless steel appliances, glass panel tile blacksplash, breakfast bar, upgraded vinyl, raised grey cabinets, LED lights throughout, (1) loft rear of unit,white ceramic shower head with car wash showerhead, electric fireplace & Comfort Air HVAC Mini Split system. This park model has to many upgrades to mention. Sale price includes set-up, white vinyl skirting and stone.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
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P-4 Prowler St.
P-4 Prowler St.
2010 40' Dutch Park Model Classic Series
Silver top Chesapeake Screen Room
Silvertop Slide Out Covers

Come and relax in this spectacular pride of ownership park model! This waterfront spacious park model comes compete with 2 bedrooms, living room with a sleeper sofa, kitchen with residential appliances, dining table with 4 individual chairs, full bathroom, ceiling fans, over-sized stoned lot and a 6X8 shed.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
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O-56 Frolic Street
O-56 Frolic Street
Breathtaking views of amazing Sunset & Sunrises from your Waterfront 2004 DAMC Park Model, 28' Silvertop Screen Room with Vinyl Screen Covers and a 6 X 8 Shed
Immaculate well maintained park model with sliding glass doors, residential bathroom with a tub/shower, sink, medicine cabinet and house type toilet, skylight, kitchen has residential appliances stove/oven, built in microwave, refrigerator, dinette table with 4 chairs, 2 reclining sofa’s, swivel rocker, ceiling fans, ample closets and storage. This Park Model will not last long!
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
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S-36 Airstream St.
S-36 Airstream St.
Waterfront Corner Lot
2015 40' Sandpiper Park Model
Silver Top Screen Room, Gazebo & Shed

Your seasonal retreat awaits, master bedroom has a queen size bed with storage, 2nd bedroom with sleeper sofa and top bunk, stainless steel appliances refrigerator, microwave, stove/oven, double sink, 6' foot shower in bathroom,deducted HVAC, large tinted windows, high gloss gel exterior, living room has 2 recliners and sleeper sofa, fireplace and retractable TV, dining room has table with 4 dining chairs, 6X8 shed, gazebo, silvertop screen room for additional living space.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
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33912 Virginia St.
33912 Virginia St.
2001 14X70 Manufactured Home
Spacious corner lot with trees and ample parking
Storage Shed

Ready to move into this 2 bedroom 2 bath home. Master bedroom has king size bed with a large master bathroom complete with a walk in closet and linen closet, eat in kitchen and central living room, guest bedroom and hall bath ceiling fans.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
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33883 Virginia St.
33883 Virginia St.
1973 NEWC Manufactured Home
Completely Remodeled & Upgraded Drywall Home in 2011
Front Porch with Trek Decking

Beautiful open concept home with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, spacious 28 X 26 living room, eat in kitchen with stove/oven, refrigerator, dining room, reading nook, washer, dryer, cathedral ceiling, recessed lighting, paddle fans with lights, ceramic tile, hardwood floors, 90+ efficiency gas furnace, 3 ton AC unit, propane gas fireplace & shed. This move in condition home won’t last long!
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment
T-4 Dogwood Lane
T-4 Dogwood Lane
2014 - 39' Wildwood 39FDEN Destination Park Model
Silvertop Screen Room
6 X 8 Shed
Turnkey & Porch Furniture Included

You will love this spacious new condition park model on a large spacious stoned lot, close to pool, clubhouse, fitness center, and playground. Master bedroom queen size bed, built in drawers, full bathroom, living room has (2) sleeper sofas, rocker recliner, Large bay window, kitchen has residential refrigerator, stove/oven, built in microwave, corian countertops, breakfast bar dining table with (4) individual chairs for comfortable seating.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment
R-13 Banner ST.
R-13 Banner ST.
2004 - 31' Terry 300FQ Travel Trailer
Silver top Screen Room

Price Reduced
Enjoy your waterview from this ready to move into RV, front master bedroom with a queen size bed, rear set of bunk beds, full bathroom, sleeper sofa in living room, dining room booth turns in a bed, kitchen has stove/oven, double sink, built in microwave, refrigerator.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
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O-5 Coachman Street
O-5 Coachman Street
Waterfront 2016 Skyline Park Model
Silvertop Screen Room

Breathtaking views from this park model whether you are inside or outside of it! Two master bedrooms on first the floor,
full kitchen with oak cabinets and GE Whirlpool appliances, residential stove/oven, built in microwave, refrigerator,
residential tub/shower, comfort height toilet, medicine cabinet,
double loft upstairs for additional sleeping.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment
R-45 Avalon St.
R-45 Avalon St.
2004 30' Four Winds Travel Trailer
18' Silvertop Room with Vinyl Covers
Fully Skirted Stoned Lot with a rear deck
6X8 Shed
Motivated Seller!

Price Reduced
Immaculate RV with (2) slide-outs, front master bedroom with rear kitchen complete with stove/oven, double sink, built in microwave and refrigerator that was replaced in 2016, sleeper sofa in the living room. Silvertop room includes refrigerator, portable AC unit and futon. Close to all Leisure Point amenities, pool, fitness center, clubhouse, playground, basketball & volleyball. This move in condition RV will not last long!
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment
O-45 Terry Street
O-45 Terry Street
2016 Skyline double lofted Park Model
Model # 1967CTQ
Silvertop Screen room with vinyl window covers outside

This beautiful ready to move into park model is located on the point in Leisure Point Resort, waterview while sitting outside your RV enjoying a campfire. One bedroom with additional sleeping options in the double loft, full residential bathroom with corner shower and built in seat, stainless steel appliances, living room sectional with a sleeper sofa.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment
25842 American St.
25842 American St.
2012 Skyline Wood Manor H800 Manufactured Home
12 X 20 Deck
12 X 14 Dutch Barn Shed
Large Corner Lot

This beautiful home is ready to move into, open concept central located kitchen, dining & living room, spacious master bedroom located at the rear of the home with walk in closet, master bath has double sinks, corner shower with two seats, 2 guest bedrooms at the front of the home with a guest full bathroom. Lot is beautifully landscaped! This home is a great buy!
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
Click Here to Schedule an Appointment
26000 Dogwood Lane
26000 Dogwood Lane
28' x 67' SUNROOM , 3 BEDROOM, 2 BATHS

Price Reduced
You will be amazed as soon as you walk in the front door of this beautiful drywall home, Florida room with crank out windows, upgraded laminate flooring and a large laundry /mud room with electric washer and dryer. If you happen to be the one cooking you won’t miss a single conversation with your guests with this open floor plan. The kitchen has raised white panel cabinetry, quartz countertops/midnight glass subway tile, 22" SxS refrigerator w/ice maker, self clean gas range, dishwasher & rangehood microwave. LED lighting, throughout, electric fireplace, 55" TV, entertainment center, sliding glass door off the dining area for easy access to your deck and BBQ.
For more information, call us at (302) 945-2000, or click on the link below to schedule an appointment to view this unit.
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Leisure Point Resort25491 Dogwood Lane
Long Neck, Delaware 19966
Phone: (302) 945-2000 / Fax: (302) 945-4011

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GPS Coordinates: 38.63111, -75.16167